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Voyage Europe is a travel service aimed to help you plan and organize your trip to Europe according to your preferences, your dreams and your budget. We specialize in Trip Planning to European destinations.  All trip planning is done by a European travel specialist. If you are looking for advice on which places to visit in Europe, where to stay, how to get around, how much it will cost, then you are in the right place. With Voyage Europe's trip planning service the information will be personalized for you. Our travel service is for visitors to Europe only. As part of the Voyage Europe's trip planning service, we will select and help you book your accommodation all over Europe.
I can also help you get some car and rail quotes. Check our customer's Comments. You'll be impressed!


Voyage Europecan help you find quaint villages in Europe, tell you about the locals, their customs, local art, food, wines, not to be missed markets, etc... Europe is full of wonderful places to visit and Voyage Europe has great tips for you. For instance: How would you like to discover Europe by staying in castles, convents, places with charm and atmosphere; places with wonderful views.


Europe is also a great destination in the Winter with its beautiful towns and cities sparkling with lights. Come and see our Christmas markets ... or go skiing in one of our amazing ski resorts. Europe is an excellent gateway for skiers offering great ski domains and warm accommodation. Discover Alpine skiing at its best in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Bring a warm coat and come explore Europe's Winter countrysides!


And remember, if you need help to plan your next trip to Europe, don't hesitate to contact me…. I will be happy to help you.

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