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C. M. of Doha, Qatar Your assistance this summer past was invaluable. We printed and bound your information and used it daily.
I found your service perfect for us. We are experienced  travellers who like planning our trips. You provided us with the information we needed to plan our trip confidently. Thanks again. We will stay in touch.
J.P. of Columbia, Maryland

Dominique: We had a wonderful trip, due in large part to your help. Thanks again.  We met several couples during our travels and gave them your name because we were so happy with your service. Enjoy your trip to Spain -- we may be headed there next -- would you be able to help us plan a trip there when the time comes? Thanks. J.

Dr. V. of Roslyn Hts, NY

Dominique,  I'm back from my trip with my son and I have to tell you ,you are not charging enough for your service.  Everything you planned for us was perfect, hotels, car pick up and drop off, places to see, places to eat, AMAZING, with you planning there was no language barrier, no waste of time, no spending needless money. ANY testimonial you would like me to write it would be my pleasure. I'M AMAZED you could plan this out to this detail. Thank you so much and I will surely recommend you to all the people I can. N.

Testimonial: 'I JUST got back from a trip that was planned by Dominique, to Spain and Italy, which included Barcelona the AMAFLI COAST AND ROME. From the start every aspect of the trip was planned to perfection from flights, car rental, places to see, hotels restaurants, etc. It was my first trip to Europe and I was filled with excitement and some apprehension. IT WAS a 10 day trip and we packed in enough for 3 weeks which could only be done with a well laid itinerary. I WOULD highly recommend using Dominique for your trip planning, it will save you time and lots of money. DR. V.'

H.S. of Annapolis, Maryland

Dominique,  I am writing to thank you for all your help in making our trip to Spain such a success.  Your understanding of our travel priorities and preferences were reflected in every decision you guided us towards.  Your detailed itinerary and its recommendations were a constant reference.  All hotels had our reservations and fulfilled their promises.  All were well located and fairly priced.  In particular, I must mention the hotel in Madrid.  It had a great location, fabulous breakfast and the in-room mini-bar was well stocked and free.  Also, the hotel in Vejer de la Frontera is like an oasis for those content to stay longer and hover on their grounds.  This is now the second trip you have helped me arrange and I couldn't be more satisfied.  It amazes me that we have never actually met.  How very 21st century!  I look forward to travelling under your guidance in the future and will certainly recommend you to anyone desiring similar guidance.  Is your familiarity limited to europe?  Again, I thank you so much for your personal, prompt and professional service.  Feel free to consider me as reference, even a friend, in the future.   H. S. 

H.S. of Annapolis, Maryland Dominique,  I just wanted to give you some well deserved f/u from our ski trip.  IT WAS GREAT.  The resort you recommended was a great choice and the hotel the ideal place to stay - very well located, with excellent staff and facilities.  Your providing train schedules removed any confusion.  I impressed my daughter and you've impressed me.  Thank you again so much.  If you have a mailing or e-mailing list, keep me on it.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.   Henry
A.W. of Los Angeles, CA

Dominique, Thank you for your assistance with the itinerary! My family and I had a great time and the itinerary was a great resource. I felt the charges for your services were a good value as well! I will highly recommend your services in the future. Thanx again. Most Respectfully, A.W.

T.C. of Houston, TX

Did Voyage Europe meet your expectations in planning and booking your trip? Yes I loved each night looking at what you had suggested the next day.  We would plan out every ones places to go and I would use your itinerary as our bases.
What was the best part of the Voyage Europe service? The knowledge
Thank you for working with us especially given our unexpected cancel last year and having to redo this year.  We really loved having your knowledge with us each day.  Thanks, T.

D.G. of Dana Point, CA

GREAT FIRST TRIP TO EUROPE . We'll soon contact you again to get your help on our trip for next years vacation.  Thank you so very much for all your advice and excellent help. D.G.

B. H. of Starkville, Mississippi

Dominique, We had a wonderful trip!  All of your planning and scheduling was great... it made the traveling easy and enjoyable.
- Did Voyage Europe meet your expectations in planning and booking your
trip? Yes, above and beyond!
- What was the best part of the Voyage Europe service? I think the best part for me, was your willingness to answer any and all questions.  It provided me with a huge sense of security in both my travel planning and during my travel.
- Are there areas in which Voyage Europe could improve? not really
- Will you recommend Voyage Europe to your friends?
I already have... unfortunately not many of my friends will be traveling anytime soon, but hope to and I told them how much help you were.  I am sure it will be a while before we can go again, but we hope to and we will definitely look you up.

S.C. of Maple Grove, MN

Dear Dominique, We just wanted to drop you a note that we had a great time on our vacation.  Thanks for all your good advice.  I have passed your name along to a few others for their trip planning needs.Thanks again, S.C.

M. B. of Clovis, CA

Hi Dominique- We had an incredible trip and really enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you so much for the assistance.  We referred to the itinerary often. We appreciate the time you spent on making our trip a very memorable occasion for us and will plan future trips with you! Fondly, M. and C.
- Did Voyage Europe meet your expectations in planning and booking your trip? YES!  WE ARE VERY PLEASED WITH THE SERVICE YOU PROVIDED AND IT EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS.
- Will you recommend Voyage Europe to your friends?

P.M. of Doha, Qatar

1st Trip:
Hi Dominique, Fresh back at work and I had to write and thank you for all your recommendations for hotels and itinerary etc.  We were all geared up for very small rooms, but other than Paris, all the hotels we stayed in were quite spacious and absolutely beautiful.  Lots of history, spot on attention by the managers/family owners who really cared and fantastic locations, particularly Montreux, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Vienna.  We would have no hesitation in staying in them all again. We stuck a lot to your itinerary in terms of things to see and we were not disappointed.  We covered a lot of ground. We also ate at some of your recommended places in Montreux and they were also fantastic.  Our Christmas lunch at the restaurant you recommended was a real highlight. All I can say is thank you for your recommendations they were spot on. Take care! Kind Regards, P.

2nd Trip:
e were very happy with all the hotels we chose from your recommendations and the itineraries you planned for us!!!
We are thinking about Italy/Spain for Summer and definitely Wengen for Winter next year, so will be in touch once those details firm up – my husband sings your praises as he is very fussy and loves the accommodation selections and the itinerary suggestions. Thanks again and talk to you when we plan our next holiday…Kind Regards, P

M.H of Singapore

Dear Dominique, First of all, we had a great time, with a few adventures.  We found ourselves thanking you many times for your great choices.  We could not have had this much fun without your helpl Thank you so much!  I would be happy to write a testimonial for your website if you like.  Warmest regards, M.H
Did Voyage Europe meet your expectations in planning your trip? You exceeded our expectations.
What was the best part of the Voyage Europe service?
 Travel and hotel recommendations

J.H of Las Vegas, NV

Did Voyage Europe meet your expectations in planning your trip? ABOVE AND BEYOND!
What was the best part of the Voyage Europe service? everything.  hotel and travel info!  suggested itinerary!W
e are grateful for all of your expertise and support. We look forward to working with you again!

C.O'B of Grove City, PA Dominique, Overall, our trip was truly wonderful.  You did a great job & I will definitely use you in the future/refer folks to you.  Thanks much!  C.
Was the itinerary I prepared for you useful? the itinerary was very helpful.  While I had also purchased some guidebooks...your itinerary contained the highlights we chose to see & it was much easier to take a few pages of this with us versus carrying a guidebook. 
R.W of Playa del Rey, CA What was the best part of the Voyage Europe service?  Helping pull an overall itinerary around the major cities we wanted to visit.  Working out train schedule and web sites to purchase the tickets.  Making the hotel recommendations and sites to make the reservations.  Great instructions on getting to our hotels.  I recall how good the instructions were in Paris telling us what subway to take.  The driving itinerary through Switzerland was very helpful.  I wouldn't have known where to go.  Dominique, you were great to work with.  Very patient in getting the initial structure of the itinerary together.  I liked how you offered several choices and narrowed down to final itinerary.
J. C. of Leesburg, VA Dominique,
We wish to thank you for all your help in making our 28 day trip to Italy a joy. Each hotel you helped select were wonderful. The most outstanding one was xx outside of Venice. The place was built by a countess and we were treated royally. Thanks you again for all your help. You helped make our 28 days memorable.
J. F. of San Francisco, CA 'You were my security blanket, gave me confidence and answered tons of questions, plus you are an incredible bargain (you should probably charge by the number of days the trip last) - I feel I still owe you and may surprise you some day.'
L.M. of Los Gatos, CA Thank you so much for all your planning and for making such good suggestions. The hotels were wonderful. I had a great time. I loved Paris and the hotel in the Latin quarter was excellent. We met such nice people and they were also very helpful when I was trying to use my poor French. All the other hotels were also excellent. I think the nicest one was in Deauville.
I really enjoyed the Normandy Coast, the history and the lovely towns and cities. By the end of the second week we were becoming quite good at catching trains. I was impressed by how on time the rail service was and by how efficient. Thank you again.
S.B. of Atlanta, GA "Wonderful in every way"; "Our rooms were great, the views breathtaking!"
RM of Chicago, IL "The ease of using the internet to make arrangements and receive documents is great, but it is also nice to know that you can actually talk to a real person if you need to"
N. C. of San Francisco, CA "Clean, friendly, convenient, no hassle"
D. G. of Windsor, CT "Personalized, attentive service (thanks Dominique!)"
Z. L. of San Francisco, CA "We had an incredible time on our trip! Your help in planning our trip was excellent as were the hotels and itinerary suggestions."


"Dominique was wonderful in meeting our expectations of a romantic, relaxed, totally enjoyable honeymoon"    

"Dominique, you were great. I had nothing to do except go". "Customer service excellent".

"You were very helpful. We will definitely use you again"

"You were efficient, you were detailed, you made our schedule easy to follow. Appreciated maps and your tour suggestions. You were nice to work with and very patient. You accommodated our budget. You knew what you were talking about. We had a great time and you did a great job."

"Dominique - we had a terrific time thanks to you! We loved the hotel in Paris!"

"Your help in planning our trip was excellent, as were the hotels and itinerary suggestions"

"We had the best time, your recommendations were great"..."We are very satisfied customers".

"Easy to work with. Knowledgeable".


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